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...But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.
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יום שבת



The man whispered, "God, speak to me" And a meadowlark sang. But the man did not hear.

So the man yelled "God, speak to me" And the thunder & lightning rolled across the sky.

But the man did not listen.

The man looked around and said, "God, let me see you." And a star shined brightly. But the man did not see.

And, the man shouted, "God, show me a miracle" And a life was born. But the man did not notice.

So, the man cried out in despair, "Touch me, God, and let me know you are here" Whereupon, God reached down and touched the man. But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

I, you God, am always around you in the little and simple things that you take for granted...even in your current electronic age . . . so I would now like to add one more to the story:
The man cried "God, I need your help" . . . and a webpage opened in front of his eyes, reaching out with good news and encouragement.
But the man skipped it and continued crying.....
The good news is that you are loved. Don't miss out on a blessing because it isn't packaged the way that you expect

Listen to this now:

When the surface of a lake is still, one can see to the bottom very clearly. This is impossible when the surface is agitated by waves. In the same way, when the mind is still, with no thoughts or desires, you can see the "Self" - this is your way to Me, to God.

You can control the mental agitation by two means: by concentrating the mind either externally or internally. Internally, you focus on the "Self" or the consciousness of "I am". Externally, you focus on anything other than the "Self" or "I am".

When you take up some recreation on putting the ball into the hole (golf), the other thoughts are slowed down or stilled. You feel you have played a good game when you have achieved perfect concentration. The happiness you experience comes, not because the ball being put in the hole eighteen times, but because you have achieved perfect concentration eighteen times. At that time, all the worries and problems of the world disappeared.

The mental ability to concentrate is inherent to all; it is not extraordinary or mysterious. Meditation is not something that a Yogi has to teach you; you already have the ability to shut out thoughts.

The only difference between this and meditation, is that generally you have learned to focus the mind externally on objects. When the mind is fully concentrated, time passes unnoticed, as if it did not exist. When the mind is focused, there is no time! Time is nothing but a modification of the mind. Time, Space, and Causation and all external experiences are mental creation.

All happiness achieved through the mind is temporary and fleeting; it is limited by nature. To achieve that state of lasting happiness and absolute peace, you must first know how to calm the mind, to concentrate and go beyond the mind. By turning the mind's concentration inward, upon the self, you can deepen that experience of perfect concentration. This is the state of Meditation.

And you MUST meditate
Meditate about you, your Self
Meditate about Me, about My Self

Meditation is an experience that cannot be described, just as colors cannot be described to a blind man. All ordinary experience is limited by Time, Space and Causation. Your normal awareness and understanding do not transcend these bounds.
Finite experience, which is measured in terms of past, present and future, cannot be transcendental. Concepts of time are illusory, for they have no permanence. The present, immeasurably small and fleeting, cannot be grasped. Past and future are non-existent in the present. You live in illusion.

My Illusion

The meditative state transcends all such limitations. In it there is neither past nor future, but only the consciousness of "I am" in the eternal NOW. It is only possible when all mental modifications are stilled.

The closest analogous state that you can experience is deep sleep, in which there is neither time, nor space, nor causation. Meditation, however, differs from deep sleep, for it works profound changes in the psyche. By curbing and stilling the oscillations of the mind, meditation brings mental peace.

On the physical level, meditation helps to prolong the body's anabolic process of growth and repair, and to reduce the catabolic or decaying process. Ordinarily the anabolic process predominates until the age of 18. From 18 to 35 there is balance between the two, and after 35 the catabolic process dominates. Meditation can significantly reduce the catabolic decline. This is because of the innate receptivity of the body cells.

Each of your body cells is governed by the instinctive subconscious mind. They have both an individual and a collective conciousness. When the thoughts and desires pour into the body, the cells are activated; the body always obeys the group demand. I can assure you that positive thoughts bring positive result to cells. As meditation brings about a prolonged positive state of mind, it rejuvenates body cells and retards decay.

One cannot learn to meditate, anymore than one can learn to sleep: one falls into both states. There are certain points to remember regarding the techniques and stages of meditation.

I'll list them for you as the 14 Points of Meditation:

1. Regularity of time, place and practice are important. Regularity conditions the mind to slow down its activities with a minimum of delay.

2. The most effective times are early dawn and dusk, when the atmosphere is charged with special spiritual force. If it is not feasible to sit for meditation at these times, choose an hour when you are not involved with daily activities, and a time when the mind is apt to be calm.

3. Try to have a separate room for meditation. As meditation is repeated, the powerful vibrations set up will be lodged in the area; an atmosphere of peace and purity will be felt.

4. When sitting, face North or East in order to take advantage of favourable magnetic vibrations. Sit in a steady, comfortable, cross-legged position with spine and neck erect but not tense.

5. Before beginning, command the mind to be quiet for a specific length of time. Forget the past, present and future.

6. Consciously regulate the breath. Begin with five minutes of deep abdominal breathing to bring oxygen to the brain. Then slow it down to an imperceptible rate.

7. Keep the breathing, rhythmic, inhale for three seconds and exhale for three seconds. Regulation of breath also regulates the flow of your vital energy.

8. Allow the mind to wander at first. It will jump around, but will eventually become concentrated, along with the concentration of My Cosmic Life Force - I'll be there with you.

9. Don't force the mind to be still, as this will set in motion additional brain waves, hindering meditation.

10. Select a focal point on which the mind may rest. For people who are intellectual by nature, this may be the point between the eyebrows. For more emotional people, use the heart. Never change this focal point.

11. Focus on a neutral or uplifting object, holding the image in the place of concentration. If using a Mantra, repeat it mentally, and co-ordinate repetition with the breath. If you don't have a personalized mantra, use My Name. Although mental repetition is stronger, the mantra may be repeated aloud if one becomes drowsy. Never change your mantra.

12. Repetition will lead to pure thought, in which sound vibration merges with thought vibration, without awareness of meaning. Vocal repetition progresses through mental repetition to telepathic language, and from there to pure thought.

13. With practice, duality disappears and the superconscious state is reached. Do not become impatient, as this takes a long time.

14. In Superconsciousness one rests in a state of bliss in which the Knower, the Knowledge, and the Known become one. This is the superconscious state reached by mystics of all faiths and persuasions, the path to My Mind.

The Way to Me
Om mani padme hum

If you meditate for half an hour daily, you will be able to face life with peace and spiritual strength.
Meditation is the most powerful mental and nerve tonic.
Divine energy freely flows to the adept during meditation, and exerts a benign influence on the mind, nerves, sense organs and body. It opens the door to intuitive knowledge and realms of eternal bliss. The mind becomes calm and steady.
And you reach out to Me, your God


The earth

Let go
Be free

Let go
Of me

Search not

For what
I am

As it is

Which is

The silence

That there is

To be

I honour the place in you
where the entire universe resides.
I honour the place in you
of love, of light, of truth, of peace.
I honour the place within you, where,
if you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
there is only one of us.

I was
And I am
So shall I be to the end of time
For I am without end

I have cleft the vast spaces of the infinite, and
taken flight in the world of fantasy, and drawn nigh
to the circle of light on high.
Yet behold me a captive of matter.
I have hearkened to the teachings of Confucius,
and listened to the wisdom of Brahma, and sat
beside the Buddha beneath the tree of knowledge.
Behold me now contending with ignorance and

I was upon Sinai when the Lord showed Himself
to Moses. By the Jordan I beheld the Nazarene's
miracles. In Medina I heard the words of the
Apostle of Arabia.

Behold me now a prisoner of doubt.
I have seen Babylon's strength and Egypt's glory
and the greatness of Greece. My eyes cease not
upon the smallness and poverty of their works.
I have sat with the witch of Endor and the priests
of Assyria and the prophets of Palestine, and I cease
not to chant the truth.

I have learned the wisdom that descended on
India, and gained mastery over poetry that welled
from the Arabian's heart, and hearkened to the
music of people from the West.
Yet am I blind and see not; my ears are stopped
and I do not hear.

I have borne the harshness of unsatiable
conquerors, and felt the oppression of tyrants and the
bondage of the powerful.
Yet am I strong to do battle with the days.
All this have I heard and seen, and I am yet a
child. In truth shall I hear and see the deeds of
youth, and grow old and attain perfection and
return to God.

I was,
And I am
So shall I be to the end of time
For I am without end

Is not religion all deeds and all reflection,
And that which is neither deed nor
reflection, but a wonder and a surprise ever
springing in the soul, even while the hands
hew the stone or tend the loom?

Who can separate his faith from his actions,
or his belief from his occupations?

Who can spread his hours before him, saying,
"This for God and this for myself;
This for my soul, and this other for mybody?"

All your hours are wings that beat through
space from self to self.

He who wears his morality but as his best
garment were better naked.

The wind and the sun will tear no holes
in his skin.

And he who defines his conduct by ethics
imprisons his song-bird in a cage.

The freest song comes not through bars
and wires.

And he to whom worshiping is a window, to open
but also to shut, has not yet visited the house
of his soul whose windows are from dawn to dawn.

Your daily life is your temple and your

Whenever you enter into it take with
you your all.

Take the plough and the forge and
the mallet and the lute, The things
you have fashioned in necessity or for delight.

For in revery you cannot rise above your
achievements nor fall lower than your failures.

And take with you all men:

For in adoration you cannot fly higher
than their hopes nor humble yourself lower
than their despair.

And if you would know God be not
therefore a solver of riddles.

Rather look about you and you shall see
Him playing with your children.

And look into space; you shall see Him
walking in the cloud, outstretching His arms
in the lightning and descending in rain.

You shall see Him smiling in flowers,
then rising and waving His hands in trees.

With my Beloved I alone have been,
When secrets tenderer than evening airs
Passed, and the Vision blest
Was granted to my prayers,
That crowned me, else obscure, with endless fame;
The while amazed between
His Beauty and His Majesty
I stood in silent ecstasy
Revealing that which o'er my spirit went and came.
Lo, in His face commingled
Is every charm and grace;
The whole of Beauty singled
Into a perfect face
Beholding Him would cry,
'There is no God but He, and He is the most High.'

Late have I loved You
O beauty every ancient, ever new!
Late have I loved You
And behold,
You were within; and I without,
and without I sought You.
And deformed I ran after these forms
of beauty You have made.

You were with me
And I was not with You.
Those things held me back from You,
things whose only being
was to be in You.

You called; You cried;
and You broke through my deafness.
You flashed; You shone;
and you chased away my blindness.
You became fragrant;
and I inhaled and sighed for You.

I tasted
and now hunger and thirst
for You.

You touched me;
and I burned for Your embrace.

Aching hearts heal in time, vanished hopes reappear,
the disparate mind will be pacified, don't despair walk on

As the spring of life grows the newly green meadow,
roses will crown the sweet nightingale's song, don't despair walk on

If the world does not turn to your whims these few days,
cosmic cycles are preparing to change, don't despair walk on

If desperation whispers you'll never know God,
it's the talk of hidden games in the veil, don't despair walk on...

I'll be waiting at the end of the road

The garden is still dark.
I wait for the mountains and rivers to reclaim their shapes.
There is no light in the deepest hours of the night.
Yet, I know you are there
in the depth of the night,
the immeasurable world of the mind.
You, the known, have been there
ever since the knower has been.

The dawn will come soon,
and you will see
that you and the rosy horizon
are within my two eyes.
It is for me that the horizon is rosy
and the sky blue.
Looking at your image in the clear stream,
you answer the question by your very presence.
Life is humming the song of the non-dual marvel.
I suddenly find myself smiling
in the presence of this immaculate night.
I know because I am here that you are there,
and your being has returned to show itself
in the wonder of tonight's smile.
In the quiet stream,
I swim gently.
The murmur of the water lulls my heart.
A wave serves as a pillow
I look up and see
a white cloud against the blue sky,
the sound of Autumn leaves,
the fragrance of hay-
each one a sign of eternity.
A bright star helps me find my way back to myself.

I know because you are there that I am here.
The stretching arm of cognition
in a lightning flash,
joining together a million eons of distance,
joining together birth and death,
joining together the known and the knower.

In the depth of the night,
as in the immeasurable realm of consciousness,
the garden of life and I
remain each other's objects.
The flower of being is singing the song of emptiness.

The night is still immaculate,
but sounds and images from you
have returned and fill the pure night.
I feel their presence.
By the window, with my bare feet on the cool floor,
I know I am here
for you to be

When i am
No longer here
My heart shall still
Gently whisper
As the sweet
And embracing
The fear you may be facing
In moments of tears
Yet you will find
That this love
Is truly

Of worldly loneliness
Do you still perhaps possess
Loves sweet silent consciousness
To calmly wait for life to pass by
For all those who are still battling
The questions and worries of why

The thunder
To the
Roaring hills

All those

Has the
Let me

I am
The wind
And you
The grace
I dance
A painted sky

Hear me
Your words
Of joy

The echo
Of my heart
The ocean floor

Can take you
From me

Your eyes
Have the
Through which
I explore

Your salutations
Just be me

لَهُ مَا فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَمَا فِي الْأَرْضِ وَهُوَ الْعَلِيُّ الْعَظِيمُ

His is what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and He is the High, the Great

While human faculties are sharp or dull,
the Way has no northern or southern ancestors.
The spiritual source shines clear in the light;
the branching streams flow on in the dark.
Grasping at things is surely delusion;
according with sameness is still not enlightenment.
All the objects of the senses
interact and yet do not.
Interacting brings involvement.
Otherwise, each keeps its place.
Sights vary in quality and form,
sounds differ as pleasing and harsh.
Refined and common speech come together in the dark,
clear and murky phrases are distinguished in the light.
The four elements return to their natures
just as a child turns to its mother;
Fire heats, wind moves,
water wets, earht is solid.
Eye and sight, ear and sounds
nose and smells, tongue and tastes;
Thus with each and every thing,
depending on these roots, the leaves spread forth.
Trunk and branches share the essence;
revered and common, each has its speech.
In the light there is darkness,
but don't take it as darkness.
In the dark there is light,
but don't see it as light.
Light and dark oppose one another
like the front and back foot in walking.
Each of the myriad things has its merit
expressed according to function and place.
Phenomena exist; box and lid fit.
principle responds arrow points meet.
Hearing the words, understand the meaning;
don't set up standards of your own.
If you don't undersand the Way right before you,
how will you know the path as you walk?
Progress is not a matter of far and near,
but if you are confused, mountains and rivers block the way.
I respectfully urge you who study the mystery,
do not pass your days and nights in vain

On I searched... into the mountains and along the river banks.
But in every direction I went, I went in vain.
Who would have suspected that it was right where I stood;
That I needed only nod my head and my true Self would appear before me

How wide are the horizons of the spinning earth!
The moonlight leads the tides and the sun’s light will not be confined
Within the net of heaven. But in the end all things return to the One.
The deaf and dumb, the crippled and deformed are all restored to the One’s Perfection

Like the little stream
Making its way
Through the mossy crevices
I, too, quietly
Turn clear and transparent

I watch people in the world
Throw away their lives lusting after things,
Never able to satisfy their desires,
Falling into deeper despair
And torturing themselves.
Even if they get what they want
How long will they be able to enjoy it?
For one heavenly pleasure
They suffer ten torments of hell,
Binding themselves more firmly to the grindstone.
Such people are like monkeys
Frantically grasping for the moon in the water
And then falling into a whirlpool.
How endlessly those caught up in the floating world suffer.
Despite myself, I fret over them all night
And cannot staunch my flow of tears

Emptiness is a name for nothingness,
A name for ungraspibility,
A name for mountains, rivers, the whole earth.
It is also called the real form.
In the green of the pines,
The twist of the brambles,
There is no going and coming;
In the red of the flowers
And the white of the snow,
There is no birth and no death

One Reality only -
How deep and far-reaching!
The ten thousand things -
How confusingly multifarious!

The true and the conventional are indeed intermingling,
But essentially of the same substance they are.

The wise and the unenlightened are indeed distinguishable,
But in the Way they are united as one.

Desirest thou to find its limits?
How broadly expanding! It is limitless!
How vaguely it vanishes away! Its ends are never reached!
It originates in beginningless time, it terminates in endless time

When you climb a mountain, you put forth effort with every step, not resting until you reach the summit. When you cross a river you take care with every step, not relaxing your attention until you reach the other shore. Even if you have climbed a mountain nearly to the summit, if you leave off that last step to rest your feet, you are still on the way, not yet there. Even if you have crossed a river nearly to the other shore, if you take a single careless step, there is still danger.

The Great Way
Enter My Way...

The Great Way is hard to know, so you are lucky if you come across it and know about it, and your efforts should be to really put it into practice, to actually tread the Way to its completion, thereby repaying your debt to whoever taught you about it.

Do not let a little bewilderment make you change your mind, do not let a little experience of its effect induce you to relax your work. Do not let a little material hardship divide your mind, do not be discouraged that your strength is insufficient. Do not have false imaginings about attainment of the Great Way, do not fear that the road is long. Keep going with steadfast determination, keeping your attention on the Way, going straight forward, and naturally a day will come when you arrive.

This is like putting out effort every step of the way when climbing a mountain, finally to reach the summit; like paying attention every step of the way when crossing a river, finally to reach the other shore

Happiness cannot be found
through great effort and willpower,
but is already present, in open relaxation and letting go.

Don't strain yourself,
there is nothing to do or undo.
Whatever momentarily arises in the body-mind
has no real importance at all,
has little reality whatsoever.
Why identify with, and become attached to it,
passing judgment upon it and ourselves?

Far better to simply
let the entire game happen on its own,
springing up and falling back like waves--
without changing or manipulating anything--
and notice how everything vanishes and
reappears, magically, again and again,
time without end.

Only our searching for happiness
prevents us from seeing it.
It's like a vivid rainbow which you pursue without ever catching,
or a dog chasing its own tail.

Although peace and happiness do not exist
as an actual thing or place,
it is always available
and accompanies you every instant.

Don't believe in the reality
of good and bad experiences;
they are like today's ephemeral weather,
like rainbows in the sky.

Wanting to grasp the ungraspable,
you exhaust yourself in vain.
As soon as you open and relax this tight fist of grasping,
infinite space is there--open, inviting and comfortable.

Make use of the spaciousness, this freedom and natural ease.
Don't search any further.
Don't go into the tangled jungle
looking for the great awakened elephant,
who is already resting quietly at home
in front of your own hearth.

Nothing to do or undo,
nothing to force,
nothing to want,
and nothing missing----

Emaho! Marvelous!
Everything happens by itself.

The wind in the pines plays a subtle
Song, of which I have become
Effortlessly aware.
I did not compose it, I did not perform it;
Yet it simply is as it is.
Nor do I strain myself to be aware of it.
It just is as it has always been.

The music, strangely, is as bright as
My Self-lit interior.
And if I tried to compose it or
Perform it I could not do so.
And if I strained to become aware of it,
It would surely die and fade away

Man is a creative being,
Yet, man is tied and enfolded
By his own thoughts.

But man needs thoughts, imagination,
Contemplation and observation
To enable his mind to be one-pointed.

When thoughts cease,
Truth will appear
And truth is not thoughts

Can God? God can!
Can God? God can!
Can God? God can!
Do the impossible.
Will God? God will!
Will God? God will!
Will God? God will!
Do the impossible.
Has God? God Has!
Has God? God Has!
Has God? God Has!
Done the impossible.

For God, our God is a gallant foe
That playeth behind the veil.

I have loved my God as a child at heart
That seeketh deep bosoms for rest,
I have loved my God as a maid to man—
But lo, this thing is best:

To love your God as a gallant foe that plays behind the veil;
To meet your God as the night winds meet beyond Arcturus' pale.

I have played with God for a woman,
I have staked with my God for truth,
I have lost to my God as a man, clear-eyed—
His dice be not of ruth.

For I am made as a naked blade,
But hear ye this thing in sooth:

Who loseth to God as man to man
Shall win at the turn of the game.
I have drawn my blade where the lightnings meet
But the ending is the same:
Who loseth to God as the sword blades lose
Shall win at the end of the game.

For God, our God is a gallant foe that playeth behind the veil.
Whom God deigns not to overthrow hath need of triple mail.

He whom you can explicitly see is not God,
And he who was the strongest; without the most
minuscule form appearing even in flaming sunlight; was
not one of God’s infinite disciples; but God

He whom you can profoundly feel is not God,
And he who was entirely ungraspable; without even
leaving an untidy footprint after majestically
traversing on soil; was not one of God’s infinite
disciples; but God himself....

He whom you could magnificently create is not God,
And he who exists in an incomprehensibly fathomless
myriad of forms; was not one of God’s infinite
disciples; but God himself....

He whom you can profusely imagine is not God,
And he who remains perpetually obscure even after
floating in each particle of the exotic atmosphere;
was not one of God’s infinite disciples; but God

He whom you can vividly dream about is not God,
And he who propelled every brain to think beyond
corridors of the unbelievably extraordinary; was not
one of God’s infinite disciples; but God himself...

He whom you can coin your destiny with is not God,
And he who was maneuvering the lives of boundless at
the mere tip of his little finger; was not one of
God’s infinite disciples; but God himself.....

He whom you can cremate is not God,
And he who was immortally living; since unprecedented
centuries ago even before this earth was created; was
not one of God’s infinite disciples; but God

He whom you can admire is not God,
And he who was bestowing an everlasting labyrinth of
beauty every unfurling second; was not one of God’s
infinite disciples; but God himself...

He whom you can wholeheartedly cry for is not God,
And he who was incessantly replacing tears of all
mankind with omnipresent smiles; was not one of God’s
infinite disciples; but God himself......

He whom you can bid a celestial adieu is not God,
And he who was spawning countless for every entity
withering; was not one of God’s infinite disciples;
but God himself.....

He whom you can fabulously describe is not God,
And he was all Omniscient; having already embodied the
scriptures of holy tomorrow even before the world had
begun; was not one of God’s infinite disciples; but
God himself....

He whom you can devotedly chant till times beyond
eternity is not God,
And he who irrefutably steered every lip on this
globe; to propagate the essence of benevolent
existence; was not one of God’s infinite disciples;
but God himself....

He whom you can belligerently fight for is not God,
And he who evolved the most marvelously wonderful
species of creation called “Man”; was not one of God’s
infinite disciples; but God himself....

He whom you perpetually kept close to your chest was
not God,
And he who made every single heart throb for the
person it loved; was not one of God’s infinite
disciples; but God himself....

He whom you witnessed blossoming was not God,
And he who stood taller than the Sun; to illuminate
every miserably darkened cranny of trembling soil; was
not one of God’s infinite disciples; but God

A perplexed THOUGHT loomed in a pondering CONSCIOUSNESS
To ask a desperate question:

who is GOD so that we may know
What is of GOD so that we may serve
Where is GOD so that we may go to worship

An answer from the deep a biding WISDOM surged:

GOD, there is no such as of particular PERSON
GOD, there is no such as in need of your WORSHIP
GOD, there is no such as of individualized
outside YOU

In all sparks the might O God
In all dwells the essence of GOD
In all moves the creative power of God

That and that comprises GODHOOD
That and that comprises GOD BEING
That and that comprises GOD CONSCIOUSNESS

All is : GOD the PRIME

Attune to it in PRAYER and MEDITATION
Therein lies service to GODHOOD

When the life you live is overburdened,
And the road ahead seems much to bear
Just listen to the voice
That's deep within you...
Listen closely and let the Joy begin.

Know that God be with you,
God be with you, my friend.

Open up your heart to reach the Master,
Only He can wash away your fears.
The wonder of God will soon surround you,
And the answers will come to dry your tears.

Know that God be with you,
God be with you, my friend
Know that God be with you
God be with you...

Through the clouds covering your eyes,
He'll turn moments of your pain to Joy
In early morning!

God be with you
God be with you, my friend
Know that God be with you
Forever with you, my friend.

(So let) God be with you
God be with you, my friend
Know that God be with you
Forever with you...my friend!

God is The King of all Kings,
He’s my King.
God is Lord above all Lords,
He’s my Lord.
God is Ruler of all nations,
I am his subject.
God is The Master of all things,
I am his servant.
God is Father of all who live,
I am his child.
God is The Light in this dark world,
He’s the lamp unto my feet.
God is The Maker of this vast universe,
He’s my Maker as well.

God in me is the fury on the bare heath
God in me shakes the interior kingdom of my heaven.
God in me is the fire wherein I burn.

God in me swirling cloud and driving rain
God in me cries a lonely nameless bird
God in me beats my head upon a stone.

God in me the four elements of storm
Raging in the shelterless landscape of the mind
Outside the barred doors of my Goneril heart.

I find God everywhere
i find god
moving the mist
in the mountains

i find god
in the anger
of your words

i find god
in the lapping waves
of the sea

i find god
in the chirps
of the birds

i find god
in the worst
of my enemies

i find god
in everything
and in everything
something he wishes
to teach me about
the uniqueness
of myself
the workings
of his world

i find god
in everything
my perpetual master
ways to
help me
evolve into
the best me
to become
ultimate creation
the master of the world

ॐ सह नाववतु |
सह नौ भुनक्तु |
सह वीर्यं करवावहै |
तेजस्विनावधीतमस्तु |
मा विद्विषावहै ||
Om saha naavavatu
Saha nau bhunaktu
Saha viiryan karavaavahai
Tejasvi naavadhiitamastu
Maa vidvishhaavahai

May we be protected together
May we be nourished together
May we work together with great vigor
May our study be enlightening
May no obstacle arise between us

God I thought you were trying to get to me so I got off the phone.
God come on and talk to me if you’ve got something to say.
God hurry up—you’ve got eternity but I’ve only got a few million lousy minutes.
God I’ve got other people to talk to.
God I’ve got bigger fish to fry if you aren’t telling me anything.
God is this some kind of sinister practical joke?
God either you’ve got a message for me or not.
God leave your message at the beep, I’m not home anymore.
God if you’re stalling for time it’s not working.
God I’m gonna get back on the phone soon, talking to people with something to say.
God this charade is over—it’s the last time you make me think you’re coincidence.

They called me god again
I am not a god for many reasons
What does a god have

A god has power
Maybe I do
A god has strength where many don't
I may have where others don't
A god can control his world
In ways I wish I couldn't
A god can control people sometimes
Sometimes I don't want to

There is one thing a god doesn't have
A god has no ones love

A god is always seen as perfect
To be seen as perfect
Is to be either feared or worshipped
I don't want that

I need people to see me as human
I need people to understand my faults
There are so many of them

I feel like I help too many people
By putting them to sleep
Then controlling there minds

But there is no love in that
I feel like I'm only an aid
Someone needs to help mend me
There is only one thing I need
To actually be a god

Without GOD would there by any meaning of life?
The feeling of HIS love is in a place well hidden from the rest of the world.
Without GOD so many questions are never answered.
Our world is changing so quickly, the human race has forgotten about GOD.
Without GOD'S love and forgiveness what would this world be?
HE appeals to us daily to turn to HIM and allow HIM in our lives.
Why is it so hard to accept GOD'S guidance with our lives?
Does the human race feel above GOD?
Without GOD I would never see HIS nature's beauty of HIS loving touch.
Without GOD I would not be able to love.
There is nothing that I can not accomplish in this life because my life will never be without GOD.

when god says
he loves man
in his holy books
he really does
having created
him in his own image
and something of his stature
this intelligence that carries
a physique to learn
the ways to become semi god
one day to be as god is
without a physique
but possessing
all the necessary knowledge
to meet god
the bamboo that shoots
straight into the sky
is to guide the soul
to be upright,
to persevere
in what one does
thank god for
the great metaphor
for the the mind
creatures in the sky,
land and sea
god's clues to man
that this vast expanse of
creation is for them
they could be in all realms
if they just look into
the his mechanics for
these creatures
the butterflies, bees
and blooms
that like attracts like
a healthy mind
attracts healthy friends
that in turn spread
sweetness around
the cat in his strides
that men too could be
as agile if they
keep slim and vigil
of the torsos
the moon and twinkling stars
there is hope in the sky
full of hope
from the mundane
that we could be
as bright as stars
when we have learnt
all the basics of
God's knowledge for us
daily paraded
in front of our eyes
every subtance created
is for the furtherance
of the man
what more can we ask
of the magnanimous Creator?
of God?

The handling of situations, are generally considered, to be an ability of the conscious mind, our plans could never be conceived in such a finite space, only God has the authority to establish circumspectly a purpose. function perfectly within the entire dynamics of plan, For God alone can provide those few who are chosen with the anointing of procedure, to provoke a hunger for his divine guidance, a softened heart, to receive perfect signals, A thirst for the true understanding of his word, To feel the many who are called, Gifts are given without repentance, as we move through this prophetic hour of grace, God has a detailed plan for your gifts, the time is now, to be yielded to the very will of the Lord, That what time it is, in fact, as you voluntarily read this missive, God has taken care of your breathing, exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide, the intricate involuntary functions, detailed without your own logic or permission, long before even your mother was born! God's very plan based on like producing like, a oneness, connectivity, unity and on purpose, must plant the seeds of the gospel, Hydrate others with God's truth, By handling the details, Only God can give the increase, For God has not in our lives up to random chance, The debt is already paid in full, yet he still has given us the choice, to choose it or not;

God's mercy is everlasting and his
Righteousness dwells within my soul
His love and kindness has never failed me, for
He is Lord, He is God, and God is everything to me.
God is beginning and the end, without him I am nothing. God is the light that brightens my path,
The sunshine that makes me glow.
He gives me strength when I fell weak
And courage to stand up against my foes.
God gave his only begotten son so that
I might live, and be forgiven of my sins
God is the beginning and the end. God is someone I can talk to day or night,
He is a comforter to my soul, he's my everlasting light.
God is my power through him I know I will be strong
When I start to falter, he reaches out touch
My mind, my soul, and the feeling I get from his gentle
touch is far better than any pure gold.
He is the beginning and the end. God is love, without his love I would be nothing
God is peace, and he is everything that is good in my life.
He guides me through the darkness and he directs my path
He protects me from all harm and danger,
He knows my struggles, my strife. God has complete authority over my life,
and I am glad it is he, who has it.
There is none before him or after him
He is the beginning and the end.
Without him I would be nothing, thank you God,
I forever thank you, God almighty I thank you,
My everlasting friend

In order to augment the glory of the crystalline sky;
God inundated it with a festoon of enchantingly misty

In order to augment the glory of the lanky tree; God
flooded its barren surface with a blanket of fresh
green leaves,

In order to augment the glory of the fleshy palm; God
embellished its surface with a myriad of fascinating
lines bifurcated into islands and forks,

In order to augment the glory of the plain atmosphere;
God deluged its gloomy ambience with sizzling rays of
brilliant sunlight,

In order to augment the glory of the colossal ocean;
God imparted its boundless surface with a cavalcade of
ravishingly frosty waves,

In order to augment the glory of fecund territories of
brown soil; God embodied its surface with a wide
fraternity of salubrious crop,

In order to augment the glory of the voluptuously
fathomless jungles; God placed a battalion of majestic
lions on its rustled paths,

In order to augment the glory of the towering
mountains; God embedded their treacherous slopes with
compassionate balls of white snow,

In order to augment the glory of the redolently
scarlet rose; God granted its demeanor with a
seductively exotic scent,
In order to augment the glory of the delectably hidden
nest; God filled its empty persona with a cluster of
stupendously charming and innocuous eggs,

In order to augment the glory of the placid night; God
blessed its shivering persona with amicably twinkling

In order to augment the glory of the gorgeously
unsurpassable valley; God lit up its dolorous space
with a boisterously pepped up and a stringent echo,

In order to augment the glory of the innocuously
wandering cow; God imparted it with the prowess of
oozing life yielding and sacrosanct milk,

In order to augment the glory of cascading rain; God
impregnated the cosmos with a spell binding and
vivacious rainbow,

In order to augment the glory of mammoth stacks of
diamonds and gold; God triggered their periphery with
a mesmerizing and perennial shine,

In order to augment the glory of the blind bat; God
granted it with the astounding ability to stick
wherever it wanted; to sleep upside down,

In order to augment the glory of the blossoming shoots
of bountiful grass; God overwhelmed its tips with
tantalizingly alluring dewdrops,

In order to augment the glory of true love; God gave
it the highest priority on his agendas of this
unfathomable Universe; granted it the virtue of being
supremely immortal,

And in order to augment the glory of every human; God
swamped his dead body with an armory of passionate
heart beats; flooded his dormant lungs with gargantuan
bellows of fresh breath; bestowed upon him the most
wonderful gift existing on this planet; a gift that we
all know today as life

Have I not commanded you? Be strong
and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be
dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you
wherever you go

For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways — I say —
For as the heavens are higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts

I know your hurts
I know your pain
But just turn to me and they will fade
I know your doubts
I know your fears
But just turn to me and I'll dry your tears
My precious children
I know your struggles
I know your obstacles
But just turn to me and you can overcome them
My precious children no matter what you're going through I know
And I am here just call on me
I will help you through

My temple is huge
Filled with worlds of illusions
Visions of mirages painted meticulously
Across walls of determined illumination
Grand schemes flash throughout my mind
Happy faces show through memories once divine
Limbs are no longer foreign
As my soul gets use to its host
Together with the voice of old
My inner workings are taken shape
No mistakes here as the universal plan takes place
Missing experiences I never went through
Oxymoronic situations I thought I once knew
Memory is the key to eventually being free
Look through the eye that doesn't see
And hopefully one day you'll see me
Behind the veil of sin and discrimination
You put on yourselves
We are no different
Not separate
We are one
I am the Great
The great is I Am
I believe in you and me
Because we are one
Don't you see?

Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel who are now prophesying. Say to those who prophesy out of their own imagination: 'Hear the word of the Lord! This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing!'

Hear, you deaf; look, you blind, and see!.. You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing

You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me

Is not my word like fire, and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?
וְאָזְנֶיךָ תִּשְׁמַעְנָה דָבָר, מֵאַחֲרֶיךָ לֵאמֹר: זֶה הַדֶּרֶךְ לְכוּ בוֹ, כִּי תַאֲמִינוּ וְכִי תַשְׂמְאִילוּ
~ This is the way ~
walk in it

A[l] Me[lech] N[e'eman]
Lord God King Who is Trustworthy
Signore Dio Re Fiducia e Verità
So Be It そうそれがありなさい
אמן amen آمين
Amen Cosí Sia 如此假如是
So sei es 이렇게 그것 있으십시요
Ainsi que ce soit
Seja assim ele
Tan sea
Adonoy Eloheynu Adonoy Echod
Adonai Elohaynu Adonai Echad
Baruchj Shem k'vod makchuso l'olom vo-ed
Barukh Shem k'vod malkhuto l'olam va-ed
V-ohavto es Adonoy Eloecho b-chol l'vovcho u-v-chol naf'sh'cho u-v-chol m'odecho
V-ahavta et Adonai Elohecha b-chol l'vavcha u-v-chol naf'sh'cha u-v-chol m'odecha
V-hoyu ha-d'vorim ho-ayleh asher onochi m'tzav'cho ha-yom al-l'vovecho
V-hayu ha-d'varim ha-ayleh asher anochi m'tzav'cha ha-yom al l'vavecha
Ani Adonly Elohaychem, Adonoy Elohaychem emes
Ani Adonai Elohaychem, Adonai Elohaycham emet

אמן AMEN آمين

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